How To Create Karaoke Songs?

making karaoke

Are you one among the thousands scratching your head to find out how to create karaoke songs? Then read on… I’m here to share my experience working on karaoke songs. First of all, creating karaoke songs using a computer software is literally impossible. Trust me, I’ve spend hours downloading and testing majority of the free karaoke software’s that claim to create karaoke songs. You can google for a list of free karaoke software’s. It’s the recording & mixing pattern which decides, whether or not you can remove the vocals completely.

Most of the karaoke software’s attain this by subtracting one channel from the other. This goes well with a recording where the vocals replicate on both stereo channels. This method would only work for recordings where the vocals are mixed exactly in the center. I’ll show you how to do this manually using Audacity, a free open source software. Once you download Audacity and install it, follow the steps below.

1. Import the file to Audacity.

2. Open the track menu (click the arrow next to track title) & select“Split Stereo Track.”

3. Select the lower track by clicking the area around the mute/solo buttons.

4. Choose “Invert” from the Effects menu.

5. Using the track menus, change each track to “Mono.”

Once you are done, play the file to hear the results. Export the file, if you are satisfied.

Finding it difficult to follow? Check out the video!

As stated before, this will work ONLY on recordings where the vocals are mixed exactly in the center. If the left channel vocal isn’t a replica of the right & vice-versa, you would need to use a couple of tweaks and plugins which would help you create a better sounding karaoke. One such tweak is to use a vocal remover. Look up details on vocal removal plugins. Most of the reviews about karaoke software’s or karaoke equipment’s, fail to upload a sample audio output. So here you go! I have uploaded a sample of the original song and the karaoke output from Audacity. Check it out.

Original Song

Karaoke Songs

Karaoke Output from Audacity

Karaoke Songs

It’s hard to create a professional karaoke using a computer software. Possibly – Yes, If you have a karaoke equipment but probably, No :). Please do let me know your comments and don’t hesitate to share any tips on karaoke!

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  1. cas

    since nobody commented yet, I found your tutorial very very useful! Good work!

    I got some tracks that got their vocals ripped really well. Almost sounds like the real ‘karaoke’ thing! Thanks!

  2. Livleen.RGNUL

    it was good one but hey man the voice didnt go completely………… can the voice of the singer be completely removed……it will help me a lot….if u can please

  3. Anonymous

    can someone help me make a karoake or instrumental reggae version of the song lady
    The song is from the reggae album ORIGIONAL ROCKERS and is sung by wadw Wayne Wade
    we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this month and I would like to sing this song for my wife…please help

  4. Anonymous

    hey ive downloaded audacity for windows. but in track menu 1 dont see 'Track title followed by Split Stereo track"
    Reply quick please

  5. Eddyiori

    Very nice of you to share this knowledge, I have also tried every program and was always pissed with the results. Thank you!!

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the info… I've always wanted to make karaoke songs with …running unicode characters… So bye-bye the self-made things, thanks to you.

  7. Anonymous

    i think not all songs can remove this audacity , and i experienced that , try to experiment some diff. of music . .

  8. Anonymous

    hey nice job bt the quality is kinda poor n the music is not complete can u get tips for improving it ,,,..
    waiting for the response nn nice blog..

  9. Anonymous

    hi arun..
    i installed audacity 1.3 beta ..but the EFFECT menu is not working ..i had been downloading many different setup's because of the same problem of not working effects..plz do tell me from where to download the setup so that my audacity works same as yours..

  10. Anonymous

    I dont wanna be a buzzkiller…but this is a nice attempt, but nothing close to a good quality karaoke song.

  11. BamBam

    For people using the Beta version or other versions of Audacity.

    After you import your song you want to convert.

    You will see a Menu for that song labeled Audio Track with a downwards arrow key on the left side of the screen above Mute / Solo buttons.

    All of the options above are in that besides "Invert" which is in Effects.

    Hope that helps some of you.

  12. Sanika

    Hi. Thanks for this information. I downloaded the latest version ub-1.3.13.dmg(beta vesion) for Mac OS. but I can't see the "track title" in track menu. So can't go ahead. do you know any option for that? I tried couple of times, but didn't work. please tell me what to do?

  13. Anonymous

    oh.i think the one who wrote this blog never said a thing about the comments of peps here..well, still great posts, it helps, but im looking for a karaoke maker that could create a karaoke song, which you can put on videos you want, with lyrics on it and lights up and can remove the voice of the song. As in all in one software…

  14. Anonymous

    I'm confused with the 5th step "Using the track menus, change each track to “Mono.”"

    Can someone please help me out in doing this??

    1. Anonymous

      To the left of the track title, there is a little arrow/triangle ponting downwards. Click on this arrow, and the track menu will open. Select the 'Mono' option (9th from the top).

  15. Anonymous

    Great work and saves a lot of time. I appreciate…. However I'm a guitarist and looking for a software which can remove the guitars from a track, not the vocals. I googled and gave up on every hope. Finally landed up here. I couldnt find what i was looking for but certainly appreciate this work coz many will be happy with this.
    Good job. keep it up.,

  16. Anonymous

    to make the effects menu work.. u need to to make sure that the track is not moving…cuz a moving track cannot be edited.

  17. Hari

    Worked really well. I could hear the original voice faintly, but I think that only helped my little girl to follow along. Thanks a lot!

  18. Anonymous

    I tried to make a karaoke of "Life in a Metro" song "Alvida", using your guide 🙂 I almost got 75-80% quality but still at higher volumes, I fear, the vocals are heard. Is there anyway to filter them out?

  19. Hari

    I was able to follow your guide successfully. I could still hear a faint voice, but I think it would only help my little girl to follow along. Thanks a lot!

  20. Anonymous

    I've tried this roughly 500 times using different tutorials and all I get is a wretched sound that lasts less than a second! Can't even hear the song at all. I guess it might work for some people, but definitely not for me!

  21. nisha

    in a song..i jus wanna remove the vocals of female alone but i need d male's voice…can sumone help me pls????

  22. nisha

    in a song i jus wanna remove the vocals of the female alone…but i need the male's voice thr…can someone help me???

  23. Anjana v

    Its not working for me lol… May be because i am doing it wrong 🙁 I am not able to convert the track from stereo to mono. It says that that option in the track menu is not available when there's some contents in the track. When the track is empty I am able to do it. But that's of no use. I need help Arun.. Pls help meeee …. :'(

  24. Anjana v

    Its not working for me lol :(.. May be because i am doing it wrong. I am not being able to convert each track from stereo to mono. Pls help me Arun… Waiting for ur reply lol… 🙁

  25. Samarth Singh

    Thank you Arun… I tried this on the song "Tu jaane na" from "Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani" film…

    It worked beautifully. Only the bankground singers couldn't be muted… The ones who say "Kaisey bataye kyun tujhko chahe….. ".

  26. Anonymous

    Hi… As per your steps I could create Karaoke songs very easily with audacity 1.3.14 beta version. It is very close to Karaoke song and very easy to do.

  27. arushi

    hey… i couldn't remove the vocals from my songs and its okay because you already said it might not work for all kind of songs. but can you help me by removing the vocals, if i told you the songs/??

  28. singalong

    I have read your blog and i got a very useful and knowledgeable information from your blog.its really a very nice article.You have done a great job .
    Thank you so much for sharing.Please have a look at this app. It might be interesting for you,if you have an interest in singing.

  29. Anonymous

    Its amazing the number of comments that, after reading the blog, say "well that's okay but I REALLY want to completely remove the vocals, how do I do that?"

    Folks, you can't. When you start with a .wav or .mp3 or other audio format file that contains a recording of a song with instruments and music, all of the waveforms are mixed together on however many tracks there are. Typically this is a stereo (2-track) recording, although it might be encoded for 5.1 or other formats with more tracks. The frequencies of the voices are different than the frequencies of the instruments but not TOTALLY and they still overlap. There is no straightforward way to just remove the vocals. That would be like taking, say, a mixed martini and saying "please remove the gin". Kinda hard once it is mixed with all the other stuff and becomes a single "liquid".

    There are some good techniques and this blog outlines how to do the best you can. But in the end it depends on the quality of the recording and how the vocals have been mixed into the tracks. If the vocals are ADDED on top of the stereo tracks and are mixed equally on L and R (to make the vocals the "center"), then phase-shifting technique can do a pretty effective job. But even then, it won't be perfect.

    If you want to create instrumental only karaoke, you need to START with instrumental only (i.e., get tracks that have no vocals.) Duh…


  30. Anonymous

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